Portable CCTV pipeline inspection, diagnostic equipment.

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TC Mechanical Services UK Ltd supply and maintain a range of hi-tech portable CCTV pipeline inspection and diagnostic equipment
Portable systems

Portable Camera Systems - TC PushCam, MiniPush, K2 Mainline

TC Mechanical Services can supply and maintain a variety of different portable CCTV pipeline inspection systems comprising ot cameras, tractors and diagnostic equipment and software.
TC Push Cam

portable pipeline inspection cameras 8" TFT LCD monitor, high resolution
Digital storage of stills, video & audio (optional) on a CF card
Text generator
Metre / feet counter buttons
Camera jack to connect to the cable reel, cable drum, or winding form
Internal power supply 85-265V; 12V car adaptor; battery optional
Dimensions: approx 340 x 295 x 152 mm (l x w x h) sewer cameras
KT50.7 cable reel wit hglass fibre push rod
Galvanised steel reel
50 m/7.2 mm glass fibre push rod
Stainless steel camera heads from 13 mm to 50 mm diameter
Sapphire glass window
High resolution colour camera module
Adapter with gold-plated collector ring and strong-pins to enable fast changes of camera heads.
Optional location transmittor behind the camera head

Mini Push 20/20
CCTV pipeline camera Alphanumeric video titling for on-screen footage display and comments
6.4" color LCD monitor with adjustable 3-axis display angle
Universal AC power input of 85-264 VAC at 50/60 Hz
The system operates using an internal 12-volt battery with battery charger
Weather/water resistant aluminium electronics enclosure
Operating instructions included on front of electronics enclosure
Built-in connections for optional VCR
Over voltage protection for built in camera light Ring
Reel assembly includes a footage counter on the basket hub and cable contact is not required
60 Metre push cable (standard)
PS3 standard 1.5" diameter colour camera for 2" - 8" pipe
High resolution - 450+ lines ; high sensitivity - 0.3 lux
Long life LED light head with light intensity control
Operates with a PS3, PS2, and self-upright camera
Operates with PS2 mini/mainline camera for 3" - 15" pipes
K2 Portable Mainline System
New portable platform
Auto payout reel
Light, field-packable
Runs all CUES transporters and pan/tilt/zoom cameras
Optional transporter wheel sets for all pipe conditions
Wireless ergonomic hand control for complete system management
Increased cable capacity/compact reel
K2 can be stand-alone, trailer, or vehicle-mounted
Collapsible heavy-duty handle/plus grab handles to facilitate portability
Optional semi-pneumatic wheels for portable cable reel-single point removal
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